AGM, MINI-SPOTS and FLOORSINGERS – Saturday 8th August 2020

Minutes of the 2020 AGM can be found here!

THE AGM! – OUT with the old committee – IN with the new – though they’ll probably be the same people – YOU could become one of them – worth thinking about……

The AGM will be surrounded by A FLOORSINGERS NIGHT, including a few MINI-SPOTS from AL & BEV, HELEN DOUGLAS & FRIENDS, and BEVIS ENGLAND.

Some great music guaranteed. 2 halves of the best in Auckland Folk Music joined into a very musical whole.

Doors open 7.30PM for an 8.00PM start


Friday Folk ‘n’ Jam – Friday 28th August 2020

Circle of Friday night musicians in the Beach Hall
Circle of Friday night musicians in the Titirangi Beach Hall

A bit of a singaround, a bit of a jam session, a bit of what you fancy does you good on a Friday evening.

What do you do?
– We chat, sing, play music and support each other
Do I need to be a member?
– No, Everyone is Welcome, if you like it, join later
Do I need to play an instrument?
– No but if you’re learning we can encourage and support you
Am I too old?
– No, you’re never too old or too young to sing or to make music

We’re a totally informal, small friendly group of people who like to sing and play music. This is a good place for experienced musicians to meet up and enjoy playing together.

If you do not sing or play and would like to then here you’ll find encouragement. There is never any pressure and you may wish to visit a few times to get confidence or you may already be confident, it does not matter, no one will criticise, only support.

Doors open 7.30pm for a 7.30pm Start
Admission $5

Unless advertised otherwise all events are at the Paturoa Bay Residents and Ratepayers Hall at Titirangi Beach, which is down at the bottom of Titirangi Beach Road, adjacent to the Car Park.