Celebrating New Zealand Song

Review of New Zealand Theme Night 16th February 2008

Rudy Sunde, himself a writer of New Zealand Songs and something of an authority on New Zealand Folk Music, compered this evening. Afterwards he had this to say:-

I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were such a lot of TFMC members who knew and sang NZ songs. From the trad to the semi-trad (Peter Cape et al) to the contemporary, there was such a lot of interesting songs sung last night. And, most of them sung very well indeed. Outstanding I thought was Jean Reid and Mike Gallagher. There were 16 performers last night - ten male and six female. And there were 3 other singer/songwriters that I can think of who were not there last night. A good prospect for the future. I certainly hope that the committee will indeed make sure that Kiwi music nights such as last night will become a permanent feature of the TFMC calendar.

Rudy Sunde

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