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Other Folkie Stuff


Folk Music Internet ‘Radio’

Louise Evans of Feak fame is Radio Coordinator for Jam Radio a project of The Depot Artspace in Devonport. The station features music and band interviews from diverse musical genres and debates on issues affecting the arts, human rights and the environment.

Louise has put together The Folk Music Series an occasional series of programmes, each based on a particular event, personality or visitor to the Auckland Folk Music Scene. Enjoy.

Also on Jam Radio, Lucy Dunningham & Levin Shome have a show they call Blather, where you can hear (among other things) an interview recorded at TFMC with Nigel Gavin when he was our guest in August 2008. You can hear the TFMC Chorus Singers in the background!

Auckland Folk Clubs

We used to maintain our own list of other Auckland Folk related activities, but discovered it was horribly out of date, so decided the best thing to do was to refer you to The Auckland Section of the KiwiFolk Club Directory which is certain to be more up to date and also gives you the opportunity to see what what folkie things are hapenning in the rest of the country.

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