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Our library contains a mix of CDs, LPs and Audio Tapes as well as a few Books and VHS Video Tapes. We are also very fortunate to have recordings of past performances at the club by many of our local artists and this makes our library quite unique and valuable.

All the CDs and LPs have been fully catalogued (i.e. complete with tracks) and over time the LPs and Audio Tape recordings will be transferred onto CD. This will of course take a while so, if you can volunteer some of your time to assist with this process please contact the librarian for more information.

The library is only for the use of TFMC members who are fully financial with the club and have been members for three months or more.

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Library Rules

  1. Loans will only be made to members of the TFMC who are fully financial and have been a member for three months or more.
  2. A maximum of 3 loans per person will be allowed at any one time.
  3. Loans are for two calendar months.
  4. Loans can be reserved via email (use the form below).
  5. LP's or Tapes can only be booked in advance - they will be then transferred onto CD and be made available to be picked up from the club or from the librarian by pre-arrangement.
  6. When the loan is overdue reminders will be sent out via email or, in the absence of an email address, by ordinary mail.
  7. If an item is damaged or lost the borrower will be expected to replace the item or pay a sum of money equivalent to replacement value.
  8. Failure to replace an item (or cash value) will result in removing library privileges from that member.
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You can download searchable PDF files of the Library Catalogues.

Recent (July 09) Additions

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Library Item Request Form


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Last Update: 2014-08-20