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Folk Fortnight

Folk Fortnight

is an exciting new festival for the Auckland region - fourteen days (plus an extra weekend) featuring local folk music, dance, and culture. It takes a form similar to a fringe festival - utilising folk clubs, venues, concerts, and performances and promoting them under one banner. Taking place between 21st March and 6th April, Folk Fortnight will put a spotlight on the folk community of Auckland, and broaden audiences for the genre throughout the region.

You will see/hear a huge variety of styles at the fortnight: predominantly acoustic music, dance and traditions with direct links or strong influences to the music of all parts of Europe, the British Isles, and Ireland, etc, with many original New Zealand artists too. Nothing is completely hard or fast, however, and expect to see many interpretations on the folk genre! There are plenty of workshops and sessions for you to get involved in too.

The final programme will appear on the Folk Fortnight website during the first week in March; and the festival runs from 21st March through to 6th April.

Where? - throughout Auckland!

Some Folk Fortnight events we know about already (as they feature TFMC members) are:-

Last Update: 2014-08-20