A Brief History of TFMC

Back in 1965 an enthusiastic audience gathered in the Titirangi War Memorial Hall for a concert by the Clancy Brothers, internationally renowned folk trio from Ireland. Unfortunately the Clancy Brothers failed to show and as the audience became increasingly restive someone had the bright idea of asking for volunteers to perform. There turned out to be no shortage of volunteers and no shortage of talent and a good time was had by all. So much so that a number of people in that audience decided it would be a good idea to meet regularly to perform and listen to folk music. This they did and thus the Titirangi Folk Music Club was formed. Operating on a fairly casual basis initially it was formally established in 1967, with elected officers and a committee, and has been going strong ever since.

In the early days the musical emphasis was on the songs and music from the English tradition as many of the members were from England or had their roots in that country. However over the years this has changed considerably and the music to be heard at the club now covers a wide spectrum, including a good sprinkling of New Zealand songs – songs from our Colonial past and from the pens of modern day New Zealand songwriters.